Photomatic by Gifted Custom Art
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Custom art on demand.

Photomatic by Gifted Custom Art is the first software in the world that makes it possible to scale custom art on demand at a price you choose (and that your customers can afford).

Photomatic automates the conversion of photos (portraits, landscapes, logos and more) into print-ready images, turning any product into a custom one. Simply integrate the Photomatic API, and your customers can print their original photo or convert their photo into an outline, sketch, numbered image and more to be printed on any substrate – like wood, canvas, fabrics, ceramics, decals & more.



Here’s how our Photomatic API works.

Once you’ve integrated our API into your company’s existing web/ecommerce platform and inventory, making money is as easy as 1-2-3.


1. Upload

Your customer uploads their photo in your system and edits it, which we receive via API.


2. Convert

We convert the photo per the customer’s request and release it to you for printing.


3. Print & Fulfill

You collect payment, print on the customer’s substrate of choice and fulfill the order.


Why join?

Customer Demand
People want customized art and products, but they often don’t have the time or skill to create something from scratch.

Ability to Scale
Photomatic’s transaction model makes custom a variable expense, so you don’t have to spend millions producing or scaling custom for your consumers.

Stand Out from Competitors
Give customers a reason to choose your business over the competition with unique, differentiated offerings.


New Revenue Streams
Add new products, push more supplies, run workshops in-store and more to get customers to cross lease lines and bring in more revenue.

Easy to Integrate
Our API integrates photo conversion into your existing web or ecommerce platform, so you can turn any of your existing inventory items into custom products.

Instant Onboarding
Simply sign up and you’re ready to integrate our API into your platform and go.


Small commitment, big margins.

Lock in our special launch pricing now!
For a limited time only, plans start at just $29.95/mo.


For each sale you make,

you earn!


FOR JUST $29.95/MO

Sign up and go

Unique code for your customers

No activation fees

Earn money when your code is used

Existing ecommerce not required

Resell Gifted Custom Kits &

new products as released

No shipping or fulfillment

Easy new revenue stream with minimal effort

Perfect for photographers, artists, studios, bloggers, schools & more


Limited time only!




Pricing per location

Annual payment option

One-time activation fee

Integrates with web or ecommerce

Applies to existing inventory

On-demand opportunities increase foot traffic

Eliminates duplicate systems

Activation & integration fees waived when joining priority waitlist

Perfect for retailers, ecommerce, print on demand, events & more


Limited time only!




Pricing per location

Annual payment option

One-time activation fee*

Product & pricing flexibility

Web/ecommerce not required

Access to new products and revenue streams

No shipping or fulfillment

Instant connection to suppliers

& manufacturers

Perfect for framers, photographers, artists, studios, bloggers & more